PSG beats Angers 2-1 to lead Ligue 1

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PSG achieved their goals by winning 2-1 against Angers in Ligue 1 last night. Causing the second to escape 11 points, but played more than one match.

At the Stade Raymond Copa, it is a Ligue 1 battle between Angers. The last team to open the home duel, PSG, the leader of the crowd.

After 9 minutes, Paris Saint-Germain took the lead 1-0 from the moment Lionel Messi lifted into the penalty area, Juan Bernat touched in the middle to Kylian Mbappe. UFABET The shooter passes the ball into the net.

Played until the 26th minute, the visiting team led 2-0 away. Lionel Messi stabbed for Kylian Mbappe to fall to the right before swaying past Paul Bergnardoni and shoot without missing.

In the next 38 minutes, it was PSG’s chance again. This time Lionel Messi should have added the score for himself. But the shot did not pass the Angers goalkeeper.

The second half played until the 74th minute. The visiting team from the capital had a chance to bury. But Kiliyan Mbappe did not kill through Paul Bernardoni. 

The locals beat the eggs 1-2 in the 88th minute. Yan Valerie opened to the far post for AbAllah Seema to strike the brew into the middle of Sada Thiyup, not missing a shot.

At the end of the game, PSG won 2-0 against Angers, scored 11 points, but played more than one match. As for the home team, hold the plum and wait for the official relegation only.