“KDB” watch the Jack Grealish attack in a new dimension, focusing on opening up the area.

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Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne has hailed team-mate Jack Grealish as a player. Who has made a lot of contributions to the football team in the open, spread-launched dimension. Only such roles do not have a concrete record like scoring goals, assisting.

Grealish is a record UK player with a £ 100 million bounty when he joined from Aston Villa last summer. But with just four goals , three assists, his form is below the benchmark he had created for six goals , 12 assists last season.   

However, the Belgian playmaker sees the 26 – year-old rookie as a geek, UFABET especially from the latest game in the 4-1 win over Manchester United , due to the abandoned goals , assists, but benefits throughout the 90s . Worth the minute. Burn until the game’s defense on the right side ‘ Red Devils ‘ can’t stand up.  

” My feelings about Jack Grealish look at him playing well, ” he told the Manchester Evening News.

“ Today a player is his age when playing in a winger or an attacking position. People will focus primarily on the number of goals or assists, but what Jack gives the team is threatening their opponents , leaving room for others. which is something that we don’t often see in the usual way. ”

“ That guy lured several defenders to join him. allowing the rest of us to take advantage of that moment. He did it well from the beginning. Then it hurts a little. ”

“ But now it’s back. which we are happy that he returned the army. ” 

Grealish ‘s dominance has now overtaken Raheem Sterling to secure the attacking line-up on the left in the first line-up since the FA Cup fifth round.