Elias reveals reason for leaving Barcelona.

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Elias Agomash wanted a chance to play. So he left Barcelona to play for Villarreal for free this summer. Elias Agomash the 19-year-old forward has revealed the reason behind his decision to leave Barcelona for Villarreal this summer. Because they want more opportunities to play because it is difficult to compete for a position in the Azul Grana football army. According to the radio station ‘Catalunya Radio’ last Sunday. 

Elias joined Barcelona’s youth team in 2017 making just three senior appearances. And making 23 appearances for Barca Athletic last season and scoring one goal  UFABET

The contract of the 19-year-old offensive line ended on June 30. Although the club is trying to extend the contract with the players. But the 19-year-old winger decided to move to Villarreal on a three-year contract as he wanted to play more. 

‘It’s hard to leave Barca, you train in the same place for 13 years with the same routine. But when I made the decision with my family and representatives. Which is mainly my decision It was clear to me that that was what I wanted and what I wanted.’

‘And now I want to think about what’s coming. It’s not about what happened. I’m so excited.’

Elias further elaborated on his decision that it was difficult to compete for a place in the Barcelona first team. Which led him to leave.

‘At Barca it’s complicated to get one position. Because it’s one of the best clubs in the world.’ 

Asked if he had the opportunity to speak to coach Xavi Hernandez before leaving the club. Elias replied: ‘I didn’t speak to Xavi before I left.