Bernardo wants to go to Barcelona

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Bernardo wants to go to Barcelona. Portugal midfielder Bernardo Silva wants to leave Manchester City but turned down the chance to join Arsenal. Because he would rather join Barcelona.

Bernardo was not the first choice in Pep Guardiola’s squad last season. The Portuguese national team midfielder saw that it was time to leave the Etihad Stadium with a goal in mind. I want to play for Barcelona. Although the current situation is not favorable. While the offer from Arsenal is not in sight.

“Based on the information we have, Bernardo has made it clear that it is time for him to leave the club,” Portuguese football journalist Felipe Dias commented.

“He wants to go to Barcelona, ​​he wants to live in Barcelona and play for Barcelona. ​​But Barcelona is facing a big crisis. I don’t think they can sign a player like him right now.”

“The latest information we have heard is that Bernardo has turned down the possibility of a move to Arsenal and if so. I think that’s right. Because I don’t think that will be a breakthrough in his career.”

“So the situation now is that Bernardo wants to leave City. But it’s still a big question of where he’s going.”