How to eat “vegetarian” without lacking nutrients?

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How to eat “vegetarian” without lacking nutrients?

Suggesting ways to eat “Flexible Vegetarianism” without causing malnutrition. or eating an unbalanced diet that causes nutritional disorders Should consume appropriately Located on the middle road

Thailand is a top food exporting country in Asia and the world. At present, eating a vegetarian diet or plant-based diet is becoming a lifestyle today where most people are becoming more concerned about their health and environment more as the world changes. Which in addition to having a positive effect on health And helps reduce the risk of developing various diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer , etc. Eating plant-based foods also helps reduce global warming. This is because raising livestock requires more land and emits more greenhouse gases than growing crops.

However, following a vegetarian diet can be difficult for many people. At present, eating “Flexitarian vegetarianism” or Flexitarian (from the words Flexible + Vegetarian) has become a new trend of consumerism that is gaining attention among the new generation. Who value the consumption of healthy food. Which still maintains the principle of eating a plant-base diet There may still some meat eaten. But the quantity has decrease. It can also adjust. According to ทางเข้า ufabet your convenience. and suitability for each individual But not to the extent. That they can abstain from eating meat as much as those. Who eat vegetarian or vegan food.

Introducing “Flexible Vegetarianism”

Assistant Professor Dr. Daruneewan Warodomwijit from the Department of Nutrition and Medical Biochemistry Department of Internal Medicine Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University  Recommended principles for consumption “Flexible vegetarianism” without causing malnutrition or eating an unbalanced diet that causes a nutritional disorder In the first stage, you should start limiting your meat consumption to only certain meals. In 1 day, there may be 1 meal that is meat-free. This can then increase to 1 or 2 meatless days per week. Then slowly move more and more For meals that include meat You should choose to eat milk, eggs, fish or chicken. Which easily digest proteins that are low in fat. Avoid eating red meat. or processed meats, including ham, sausage, bacon, etc., as well as focusing on plant-based foods.

Precautions for eating a vegetarian diet

Eating a strict vegetarian diet or vegetarian diet may result in insufficient vitamin B12 intake. Vitamin B12 is found mainly in meat, eggs, and milk. If you do not eat this group of foods for a long time, It will put you at risk for vitamin B12 deficiency, which is important for the production of red blood cells. and nervous system Including some minerals such as calcium and iron, which come from plants. It is absorbe less than that from animals, so eating a flexible vegetarian diet which has some meat eaten. But in small quantities. Therefore, you should choose to eat food that is appropriate, diverse, and complete with all 5 food groups.

Assistant Professor Dr. Daruneewan Warodomwichit views that Thai food is normally food that does not emphasize the consumption of large quantities of meat. We should stay in the middle way. Too much of everything Too little or too little does not have a good effect. Therefore, the point is to change your way of thinking to know how to choose food that is appropriate for yourself. Importantly, eating from plants should not interprete as primarily plant-based. Go the wrong way which eating food without meat But it is rich in starch and fat. Including crispy snacks or that sweet drink Although it is consider true plant-based food, But it’s not good food for health. Because it is food that has low nutritional value and does not contain all 5 food groups, causing the body to receive inappropriate nutrients. It can have a negative effect on health. Choosing the right foods will help your body get enough nutrients. In addition, you should exercise regularly to stay healthy.