11 fruit juices that you should drink every day For good health

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11 fruit juices that you should drink every day For good health and beautiful skin.

Fruits help to refresh and nourish the skin to be beautiful and bright. Eating fresh fruit regularly can make many people easily bored. Changing fruit into juice will help us eat fruit without getting bored. It also helps children who don’t like to eat fruit get adequate nutrition. The important thing when making fruit juice is to limit the amount of sugar you mix in. This article will tell you at ยูฟ่าเบท

Benefits of 11 types of fruit juices that you should drink every day to keep your skin beautiful and healthy.

1. Orange juice

Eat oranges often and when bored change to orange juice. Although the benefits received are not comparable to oranges, orange juice It also helps nourish the hair. Helps strengthen the hair roots Prevents hair loss and stimulates new hair growth.

2. Apple juice

It has a positive effect on brain health. Helps enhance memory and problem solving skills Helps prevent dementia Plus, drinking apple juice helps keep your mind calm and focused.

3. Pineapple juice

Has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system Helps relieve cough and sore throat, reduces phlegm, especially suitable for people with the flu. It also has high levels of vitamin C to treat scurvy.

4. Grape juice

Concentrated grape juice reduces the risk of heart disease. Breast cancer and macular degeneration It is also antibacterial and helps the kidneys work easily.

5. Watermelon juice

Watermelon juice nourishes the skin and strengthens the hair. Prevent heart disease and reduce the risk of cancer Helps nourish eyesight and remove toxins from the food we eat.

6. Prune juice

Prune juice is high in fiber. Helps reduce cholesterol Reduce fat in the blood vessels Treats constipation and also controls blood sugar levels so they don’t rise too quickly. But drinking prune juice must be done with caution in patients with kidney failure and eating a lot of it can cause diarrhea.

7. Carrot juice

Carrot juice helps the skin to be radiant, youthful, helps protect and restore the skin, and reduces acne. and helps the digestive system work better

8. Berry juice

Helps with vision, suitable for people who have to stare at a phone or computer screen for a long time. Helps strengthen blood vessels Helps the body grow well. It also helps build strong bones and teeth.

9. Guava juice

Guava juice has about 4-10 times more vitamin C than orange juice. It helps in preventing scurvy and is also a mild laxative, helping to treat stomach and intestinal diseases. But when making guava juice, do not use iron containers because the iron and substances inside guava will interact with each other, resulting in the destruction of a substance that is beneficial to the body.

10. Pomegranate juice

Helps nourish the heart and prevent tooth decay. Helps promote good memory, prevents anemia and treats inflammation, is good for skin and hair.

11. Tomato juice

Helps the body to be refreshed and rejuvenated. Prevents scurvy, colds, inhibits the growth of fungus, and also helps nourish eyesight.

Making fresh fruit into juice can cause it to lose some nutrients. But making fruit juice to get the most benefit is Should be eaten with pulp. and control the amount of added sugar and salt. The best way is to drink it without mixing, it will be more beneficial to your health. But if you really can’t eat it, it is recommended to add only a little sugar and salt.