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To kick off the festive season of appreciation and gratitude, here at we reached out near and far—to some of our florists around the country, to workers at Smile Farms, and to people at our Long Island headquarters—and asked them to share what they’re thankful for, and how they enjoy counting and sharing their blessings.

“I’m most thankful for a very supportive and loving family,” says Erika Kiss of Sandra’s and Donath’s Florist in Manhattan. “Sticking together… nothing is impossible.”

Rita of Seifert’s Flower Mill in North Canton, Ohio is most thankful for her faith. “I’m known for saying, ‘You have the power.’ I could not have this confidence without my gift of faith,” she reports, adding: “I want to thank my husband, family, and friends. This business is demanding, so it’s wonderful having a great support team.” Kiss feels the same, especially about her mom. “I’m lucky that my 78-year-old mother is my business partner. This allows me to spend extra time with her on a daily basis.”

Do florists fill their own homes with flowers for the holidays? “Yes,” Rita reports. “Flowers let your family and guests know they’re special. No matter where you live or the size of your home, flowers bring joy to all!” Kiss’s home is filled with flowers too. “I want to raise my daughter to see how much love, dedication, and planning goes into having a successful holiday at home while still making sure your customers have a magical holiday as well,” says Kiss.

A visit to Smile Farms at IGHL in Moriches, New York—where developmentally disabled adults grow and tend flowers, plants, and fresh produce—provided an opportunity to speak with some truly appreciative individuals.

Thomas, for one, is grateful for the people at Smile Farms, but he’s especially thankful for his sister.

Michele, a farmer for 20 years is thankful to be able to help others, and for her health. (Her favorite thing about Thanksgiving, though, is “turkey,” she says.“Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and cheesecake!”)

Justine is thankful for her family and friends at Smile Farms and at home. “I love it here,” she says.

Casey agrees. “I’m very thankful for the job that I have now,” he says. “I would like to say thank you to Eileen and the rest of the staff.”

And Ashley is particularly thankful for her friend Sara. “I love her,” Ashley says.



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