Refurbished Plant Containers: Trash to Treasure

“One man’s trash is another’s man’s treasure.”  How true!  Take for example these funky succulent gardens that I planted in containers that had been discarded by the previous owner.

plant containers

This metal container was literally “in the trash” and a garage sale in a box marked “free for the taking”!

metal plant container

I immediately knew I could do something with it, and I did!

plant container completed

The best part is I already had everything I needed just laying around the house starting with the pretty robin’s egg blue spray paint.  The plants were all in need of replanting – some of them are from my daughter’s wedding last year and had out grown their current containers and others were taken from container gardens that were bursting at the seams.

succulent garden

When the planting was done, I remembered the beach glass, that my husband had collected over the years walking on the beach in Rockaway, that wound up stored in the attic after some renovations we did.  How perfect do the pieces look tucked in between the plants?!

If I remember correctly I think I paid $3 for the watering can!  All the plants were salvaged and given another lease on life.  I just thought why not give them a try and let me tell you they are really starting to thrive in their new home with their new plant buddies.

These are the perfect plants to have in a summer house that you might not be at every day.  They thrive on neglect and just keep looking better and better!

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