How to Say Dad in Different Languages

He is always in your corner, he’s your biggest fan – he’s your dad. It can be hard to find the words to encompass all that he has done for you, but this Father’s Day we can help you out! Here’s fifty different ways you can say Dad (just remember to call him!

Afrikaans: Pa

Albanian: Baba

Arabic: أب (‘ab)

Armenian: Հայրը (Hayry)

Bangla: বাবা (Bābā)

Basque: Aita

Bulgarian: татко (Tatko)

Catalan: Pare

Chinese: 爸 (Bà)

Croatian: Tata

Czech: Táto

Danish: Far

Dutch: Pa

Estonian: Isa

Filipino: Tatay

French: Papa

Greek: Μπαμπάς (Bampás)

Hawaiian: E Pāpā

Hindi: पिता (Pita)

Hmong: Txiv

Hungarian: Apu

Icelandic: Pabbi

Indonesian: Ayah

Irish: Daid

Japanese: パパ (Papa)

Kannada: ತಂದೆ (Tande)

Kazakh: Әкем (Äkem)

Korean: 아빠 (Appa)

Kurdish: Bav

Kyrgz: ата (Ata)

Lao: ພໍ່ (Pho)

Latvian: Tētis

Malagasy: Dada

Marathi: बाबा (Bābā)

Mongolian: Ааваа (Aavaa)

Norwegian: Pappa

Portuguese: O Pai

Russian: папа (Papa)

Samoan: Tamā

Sinhala: තාත්තා (Tāttā)

Slovack: Ocko

Slovenian: Oče

Somali: Aabe

Spanish: Papá

Tajik: Падар (Padar)

Tamil: அப்பா (Appā)

Thai: พ่อ (Ph̀x)

Uzbek: Otam

Vietnamese: Cha

Zulu: Ubaba


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What language will you call your Dad in? Let us know below or on any of our social media.

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