Top Gifts to Give to Teachers

From ABC’s to multiplication tables, the history of the ancient Egyptians to the life cycle of a butterfly, teachers certainly manage to a pack a lot of knowledge and learning into your child’s day.   

The end of the school year is quickly approaching! Now is the ideal time to start thinking about what end of term gift you are going to get for your kiddos teacher to say thank you for all their hard work.   

After all, one tiny human endlessly asking ”Why?” or somehow managing to misplace half their belongings can be tough enough, never mind when you have upwards of 20 of them doing it all at the same time!  

If you are in need of inspirationcheck out our rundown of top ten gifts that teachers will love. 


Nothing brightens up someone’s day like a gorgeous bouquet of freshly picked flowers. Our secret tip for added enjoyment is to have them delivered or gifted a week before the end of term. The teacher can display them in the classroom for maximum effect and they won’t go to waste should they be heading off somewhere on holiday the day after school finishes. We are especially big fans of the range of Thank You flowers by Bloom Magic. They are guaranteed to last for at least 7 days and you can also include chocolates and prosecco with the flowers too!  

An opportunity to recharge

If you know the other parents in the class well, why not consider sharing the expense of a spa voucher? It will really give the teacher in question a relaxing start to their holidaysWe suggest getting a monetary gift card so the teacher can choose their preferred treatment and location.     

Craft supplies for the classroom

Teachers spend a lot of their own money to create exciting classrooms for their students. Help them out for next year by gifting them a supply of things that will come in handy. Think laminator sheets, rolls of coloured sugar paper, felt tip pens, metallic card, stickers- go crazy in the craft section!   

Personalised pencils or pens

Teachers give out an inordinate amount of pencils and pens to their students. Make it easier for them to be reclaimed at the end of the day by giving them a pack of writing implements with their name on it.  

Stationery they use all the time 

Keeping with the stationery theme, items like post it notes, paperclips and file folders are all incredibly useful. Splurge on ones with interesting and fun shapes or colours to bring a little bit of life to the teachers’ desk.  

Something related to an interest 

If you know your child’s teacher wellwhy not get them something that has special meaning to them.  A Harry Potter fan might appreciate their very own wand. While a self-confessed movie buff would love a selection of popcorns or classic movie posters. 

A pledge to volunteer in the classroom or on a trip

The gift of your time can be an ideal present at the end of the winter term. Teachers often struggle to get parents involved with classroom activities. Letting them know in advance that you are willing to step up can be a huge weight off their shoulders.    

Homemade goodies for the staffroom 

If you enjoy whipping up sugary or savoury treats in the kitchen, hand craft some goodies for the school staff to enjoy. We recommend including a list of the ingredients you used so people can check for possible allergies. You might also want to make it clear that no sticky fingered children were involved in the process too! 

A personalised tote bag 

Teachers have a lot of marking, projects and assorted bits and bobs to cart around with them. A sturdy canvas tote with their name on it could be the ideal way to give them a helping hand.  

A thoughtful note 

We did a poll of teachers and found that while gifts are appreciated, what really means the most is a genuine note from their students and parents. Write your child’s teacher a letter that details how they have helped them throughout the year. If your child’s writing skills are up to it, have them write their own list too.   

With so many options, it will just be a case of deciding what gift to choose this year! Whichever idea you think best fits the bill, just remember to include number 10 as well for maximum impact.  

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