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Bride with lilac floral stole and husband walking down a busy street

I’m delighted today to share with you a sponsored post from Curate. Every week the team at Curate is talking with florists across the globe who are at all points of their business – from entrepreneurs to multi-location floral shop owners—who seem to have one common issue… 

They struggle with pricing their events for the fairest profit. 

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Most often, the root of the issue is that many florists struggle with how to value themselves. While they may not have any issue charging what’s needed for the flowers and to pay for their workspace, they struggle to consider what their mark-up should be to help pay their other personal expenses and have enough money left over to invest back into their business.

The reality is that florists are not simply middle men who get flowers and sundries together for a client and send them on their way. From the initial inquiry through the final strike, a florist’s job is to flawlessly pull together the thousands of pieces that go into creating an event that will never be forgotten.

Bride with lilac and purple wedding bouquet and husband in busy street

It’s a wonder that so many florists consistently struggle to value their work for profitability. But here’s the truth, plain and simple:

You are worth it.  

Curate is a software solution for wedding and event florists that helps create floral recipes that include cost projections that reflect their mark-ups appropriately and then turns those cost-outs into gorgeous proposals that clients will love while also providing an easy order to their wholesalers. Schedule a consultation to see how Curate can help you price what you’re worth.

Bride with lilac floral stole and husband walking down a busy street

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